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NOM Sues New York To Keep Secret The Backers Of Their Carl Paladino Ads

NOM doesn't want anybody to know who is paying for their ads supporting Carl Paladino. Therefore they have sued the state of New York to evade campaign finance disclosure laws, a tactic they have used in seven other states. Buffalo News reports:
The National Organization for Marriage doesn't want to conform to state election laws requiring it to register as a political committee and reveal the names of its contributors. The group calls that requirement a violation of free speech rights and has asked a federal judge in Buffalo to declare a section of state Election Law unconstitutional. The state Board of Elections says the law is constitutional, and U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara will hear legal arguments on the dispute Thursday afternoon. Based in Washington, D.C., the group -- which refers to itself as NOM in court papers -- says it wants to run radio and television ads as well as a direct-mail marketing campaign that would support some candidates and criticize others. Some of the ads would support Paladino -- a vocal opponent of gay marriage -- while criticizing Cuomo, a gay rights supporter, according to papers filed in court by the National Organization for Marriage.
Even if NOM loses tomorrow's case, they will doubtlessly ignore the ruling as they have done everywhere else. Why isn't Brian Brown in jail for contempt of court?

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