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NY Sen. Joseph Addabbo To Gays: Thanks For The Cash, Now Go Fuck Yourselves

Democratic NY state Sen. Joseph Addabbo is super appreciative for all those homos that volunteered for his campaign and gave him "tons of money." But seriously, go fuck yourselves.
During a debate on NY1’s Inside City Hall on Friday, Addabbo, who represents a conservative district in Queens, said that he would be open to voting yes on the marriage equality bill, provided his constituency supported it. He refused to state his own position on the issue, as he did last year, when he appealed to constituent opposition as the reason for his no vote. Near the end of the 21-minute debate, Addabbo and his Republican opponent Anthony Como, who opposes the bill, seemed to joke about the “ton of money” the Democrat received from gay activists. “I appreciated all the LGBT community volunteer hours and their financial support, but I can’t be bought,” said Addabbo. “So even though they gave me a ton of money, I can’t be bought. I voted the way my people wanted me to vote.”
The Advocate's Julie Bolcer reminds us that as the (alphabetically) first state senator to vote on New York's marriage equality bill, Addabbo's unexpected and traitorious "no" vote may have created a domino effect among others who may have been inclined to support the bill if it seemed poised to pass. Seven other Democrats followed Addabbo's lead, causing the bill to fail 38-24. Marriage equality had already been approved by the state Assembly.

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