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PhoboQuotable - Bryan Fischer

"People argue that some folks have a genetic, hereditary predisposition to alcoholism. We would never say to such individuals, 'Hey, in most cases, we tell people not to drink themselves into a stupor - it will destroy your life, your marriage, your family, your career - but hey, go ahead, you’re born that way, you can’t help it, knock yourself out, wreck your life, don’t worry about it.'

"Of course not. We’d, say, hey the road may be a little tougher for you than others, but you have got to get control of these dark impulses before they wreak utter and total havoc in your life. I’m here to help, what can I do? That’s the same message we have for homosexuals: sexual behavior is a choice, homosexual behavior will leave you diseased, lonely, and dead, you’ve got to learn to resist homosexual impulses, I’m here to help. If homosexuals resist the offer of such help, well, I guess that’s a choice too, isn’t it?" - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, writing for the AFA's Rightly Concerned blog.

I think it's time we launch a pool to bet on which "family values" advocate will be the next one found cavorting with a lithe young male hooker. Nominees: Bryan Fischer, Matt Barber, Porno Pete, Tony Perkins, Peter Spriggs, Ken Hutcherson, Harry Jackson. Who else?

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