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PhoboQuotable - Jimmy Akin

"Will you be forced to participate in homosexual pride celebrations? Or will your children or grandchildren? Before you scoff at the possibility, recognize that it has already been happening to people. The homosexual lobby is relentless and is not seeking tolerance. It is seeking coerced social approval of homosexual behavior. That includes forcing non-homosexuals to participate in homosexual “pride” celebrations. It happened right here in San Diego, where four firemen were ordered to participated in the local 'San Diego Pride Parade.' [snip]

"And don’t think that just because these men were in California and that they worked for the government was what caused the problem. Private companies also often have pro-homosexual policies, and they also can put pressure on their employees to participate in activities that violate their moral principles—often with less legal accountability than is available when the government is the employer. Public employees also are at risk. Consider the delicate position public school teachers are now in—and which will continue to get worse—regarding the treatment of homosexuality in public schools. Things are already bad in our own time, folks, and it will be worse in the times of our children and grand children." - Jimmy Akin, writing for the National Catholic Register.

RELATED: Last week an appeals court upheld a settlement for the San Diego firemen, who claimed sexual harassment during the pride parade. Their actual motivation for filing the suit is revealed by the below 2008 legal fundraising appeal.

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