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PhoboQuotable - Tom Prichard

"Youth who embrace homosexuality are at greater risk, because they’ve embraced an unhealthy sexual identity and lifestyle. These alternative sexual identifications or lifestyles deny the reality that we are created male and female. To live or try to live in conflict with how we are made will invariably cause problems, e.g. emotional, psychological and social. Notwithstanding gay activist assertions to the contrary, people aren’t gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. by God’s design or nature.

"We are male and female with sexual expression designed for a lifelong union between a man and a woman. Denying or fighting against this reality is the reason alternative forms of sexual expression, whether homosexual or heterosexual, will put people at greater risk. To assert otherwise is to deny reality and involves 'kicking against the goad' to use a biblical analogy." - Minnesota Family Council head Tom Prichard, who says the dead LGBT students of the nation didn't kill themselves because of bullying, they killed themselves because of their "unhealthy lifestyle."

The Minnesota Family Council is currently fighting efforts to install anti-bullying programs in public schools, calling it "homosexual indoctrination." They can be reached at 612-789-8811.

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