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The Revenge Of Benny Hinn

From today's inbox....

Hi Joe, You wrote: "Prosperity gospel televangelist and 'faith healing' scam artist Benny Hinn was unable to heal the desire of his wife to get the fuck away from him."

No one speaks against a man of God and be justified. God defends the righteous and will return in due time to reward the wicked. You still have a chance to repent, if perhaps, the Lord has granted you a repentant heart. I just read what you wrote about Benny Hinn, and I felt bad. Jesus love you and desire that you repent, lest he returns back to find you in wrong doing and reward you accordingly. Psalm 145:20 (King James Version) The LORD preserves all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy.

I really should post more of these, I get tons.

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