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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

Washington: Pastor Greg Scott Glover arrested for stealing oxycontin from the home of an elderly parishioner. She busted him with a hidden camera.
Ireland: Father Brendan Wrixon charged with sexual assault of a teenage boy.
Ontario: Reverend Paul Hartig charged with felony theft for stealing from his own church.
California: Pastor Dino Cardelli arrested for molesting a 13 year-old girl. Cardelli was already charged with molesting another child.
Ontario: Father William Marshall to be tried for molesting more than 15 boys. Marshall is 88.
Florida: Pastor Michael Campbell charged with molesting an underage girl in his church's hearse.
North Carolina: Pastor Robert Lee McQueen sentenced to 14 years in prison for dealing heroin.
Michigan: Pastor Stephen Sparks charged with embezzling over $1M from church and family members.
New Mexico: Pastor Matthew Nichols pleads guilty to distributing child porn. Nichols was his church's youth minister and was previously convicted of criminal solicitation of a minor.
Ontario: Father Dale Crampton commits suicide following $2M lawsuit by molestation victim. Crampton was convicted of molesting seven altar boys during the 1980s.

This Week's Winner
Indiana: Pastor Vaughn Reeves is on trial for orchestrating a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme built around investments supposedly meant for church construction. Reeves and his three sons are accused of bilking more than 11,000 people by luring them into buying $120M worth of property bonds. Allegedly the four paid off early investors with the money of others while stealing millions for themselves to purchase mansions, luxury vehicles, and a plane. The pastor and his sons face over 40 felony counts of securities fraud.

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