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Townhall's Mike Adams: Eight Christian Suicides Over LGBT Bullying

The virulently anti-gay Townhall published a column yesterday by University of North Carolina-Wilmington professor Mike Adams in which he claims to tick off eight examples of Christians who have killed themselves due to bullying by LGBT activists. All of the cited examples involve well-known cases in which Christianists have faced repercussions for anti-gay speech. An example:
Julia was a student at a university in Michigan. She was asked to help a homosexual client by using “gay affirmation” therapy. But she refused to do so because of her beliefs about homosexuality. (Note: It is OK to refuse to provide gay correction therapy even if that is what the client desires. But one must not refuse to provide gay affirmation therapy). Julia was expelled from Eastern Michigan because of her views. So she ended it all.
Obviously none of these situations actually resulted in a suicide. Hall explains his ruse in his final paragraph.
These eight cases are all true except for one thing: The Christians who were bullied by gays and gay activists are all still alive. Not a single one has committed suicide. That is because they have centered their lives around Jesus Christ, rather than their sexual identity. And no amount of bullying can change my mind about that.
Isn't he clever? Isn't he hilarious?

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