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American Family Association Declares War On The "Empire" Of The GOP

"The battle now is no longer between the Republicans and President Obama. The battle royale now is between citizen class Republicans and ruling class Republicans. It is a battle between the Jim DeMints of the world and the Mitch McConnells of the world. It is a battle between the Sarah Palins of the world and the John McCains of the world.

"Darrel Issa of California a week ago was a conservative hero, ready to hand out subpoenas like candy to get the bottom of the rank corruption in the Obama administration. Now he’s out there, one day after the election, saying absurd things like, 'My job is to make the president a success.' You can forget Issa. He’s a ruling class Republican and now belongs to the Empire and the Death Star that we in the Rebel Alliance must destroy." - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, writing on their Rightly Concerned blog.

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