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ARKANSAS: Westboro To Picket High School Over Clint McCance's Apology

Bilerico has Westboro's press release:
"WBC to picket at Midland High School where the children are experiencing first-hand the power of the dog and the Fag Media, as well as the dismantling of the First Amendment. Coward Clint McCance said some scripturally-accurate things about sodomites commiting suicide on his FaceBook account, but then apologized and resigned on CNN Anderson Cooper's TV show when the fag dogs turned in on him. McCance should have taught the children in this high school that God's standards are to be followed and boldly, courageously proclaimed. Instead, he let that blow-hard fag-enabling bastard, Anderson Cooper, shame him into shutting up and resigning his position -- thereby teaching this generation to be ashamed of Jesus Christ and His word! Jesus Christ will be ashamed of him before God the father on the Judgment Day.
On the upside, McCance won't have a friend in the world after this.

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