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Concerned Women Are Concernstipated About Being Labeled Haters By SPLC

"The SPLC began as a civil rights organization in the 1960s, but has been marginalized by 'gay rights' organizations. They no longer simply focus on the noble cause of fighting racism and have, instead, become another tool for the left. This time, the SPLC has taken their liberal propaganda too far. By demonizing traditional family groups that support traditional marriage, they just put a huge portion of the African-American community in California in the same category with the rest us so-called bigots.

"According to an Associated Press exit poll, 70 percent of African-Americans in California (virtually all of whom voted for Barack Obama) also voted for Prop 8 and in support of traditional marriage in 2008. The very people the SPLC supposedly seeks to protect from bigotry and 'hate crimes' are heavily in favor of the very institution that the SPLC is fighting against." - Botox addict and CWA president Penny Nance.

FACT CHECK: Good As You's Jeremy Hooper points out that CWA has actually not been added to the list of hate groups by the SPLC, they are merely listed as "anti-gay." Hooper also notes that merely being opposed to marriage equality is not, by the SPLC's standards, enough to be considered a hate group.

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