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Donald Trump: If Sarah Palin Really Runs For President, I Might Too To Stop Her

Donald Trump says he's not really all that interested in running for president, but the threat of a President Palin might force him into the race.
On Thursday's edition of Good Morning America, Trump said "it could be fun" to mount a run for the White House because he'd "like to see some positive things happen for the country." He also spoke out on the possibility of facing off against former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who signaled this week she's seriously considering running for president in the next election cycle. "She's very interesting," explained Trump. "And don't underestimate her. I mean, I see what she does. Do not underestimate Sarah Palin."
Trump also says that he's the person that would "stand up to China." If both Trump and Bloomberg both throw their hats in, we could see our first billionaire versus billionaire campaign. Television stations are surely hoping, hoping, hoping.

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