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Hillbuzz Homocon Kevin DuJan Wants You To Know He's Totally Amazing

Anticipating even more media attention should Bristol Palin win tomorrow, Hillbuzz homocon Kevin DuJan has paid a media service to publish a press release about his total amazingness. An excerpt:
DuJan, a marketing and fundraising consultant, has created a community on that allows gays and conservatives to get to know each other in a respectful, irreverent, but always pro-America environment. A reader named Daniel commented, "As one of your gay readers, and one that loves you guys for being Conservative more than for being gay, I have to say nothing is more heartwarming than reading the praise heaped upon you boyz by all the religious, republican, former democrats and the Conservatives who know truth when they see it. I applaud you for the pioneering work you’re doing, for the bridge building, for the contribution to the movement." A reader called BrooklynMike added, "HB has changed my opinions about gay people a lot. I am black, and like you always say, 'black people are homophobic.' Very true. In my life I branch out and friend people from all types of backgrounds, by doing this I find the stereotypes are broken, and you realize we are basically the same. Like Maya Angelou said: “We are all more alike, than we are unalike.”
What's amazing is that he even managed to slide some racism into his own press release.

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