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HomoConQuotable - Kevin DuJan

"No, I will not stop talking about Jesus if the Spirit moves me or if I am in a place where I’m relying on his friendship to get me through the day. I’m in such a place right now. Over Halloween, a guy I liked very much, whom I thought a relationship could start up with, told me he couldn’t even be seen with me by his co-workers because I was 'a pariah in Boystown' for being out and conservative and for being proudly Catholic. He said his bosses would fire him if anyone knew he had anything to do with me. [snip]

"We’ve reached a new phase of all this where the politics of personal destruction aimed at me by the Left have now made people afraid to have personal relationships with me…and this is seriously doing a real number to me. It hurts my heart and damn near kills my soul. All because I voice a political opinion that threatens the Left…and strangely carries enough weight for me to become a worthy target for what appears to be the Romney campaign, the White House, George Soros, and other nuts." - Homocon Hillbuzz founder Kevin DuJan, who says that yet another 25 year-old twink won't date him because he loves Jeebus and Sarah Palin. Also: Obama/Soros/Romney/Xenu want to kill him. Or something!

If you're not reading Hillbuzz, you totally should. It's conspiracy theories, bald racism, homocon nonsensery, and Limbaugh/Beck fanaticism all wrapped up in a giant ball of whackadoodle. It makes Gay Patriot seem like a warm place of reason. And that's saying something.

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