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HomoConQuotable - Kevin DuJan

"Okay, just taped a phone segment with Jeannie Something or Another on the phone…it’s going to air during [CNN's] Situation Room. I have no idea how they are going to edit it, so I assume they are going to try to make me sound stupid, but whatever. The reporter kept telling me how unfair it is that I’m encouraging people to vote for Bristol 50-60, or 10,000 times. I told her that it’s funny whenever the Left talks about voting being unfair regarding anything, considering the rampant voter fraud Democrats engage in on a daily basis, particularly the Obama campaign in 2008.

"I talked about the voter fraud in Iowa, the Black Panthers in Philly, and all the George Soros Secretaries of State projects where the goal is to allow criminals, illegals, and the dead to vote for Democrats. So, the Left gets mad at me for encouraging voting for Bristol on Dancing, but they don’t care at all about voter fraud in our actual elections…they think it’s cute and funny, actually. CNN didn’t like that and kept saying I was encouraging people to 'cheat' which made me talk more about Democrat voter fraud. They didn’t like that." - Homocon Hillbuzz founder Kevin DuJan, who was busted today by gossip site Jezebel for instructing teabaggers on how to thwart ABC's email voting system.

Commenters on Hillbuzz, Conservatives 4 Palin, and other sites reported being able to vote up to hundreds of times each using DuJan's tips. DuJan's cheating plot is now being reported across most news outlets including the New York Times and the Washington Post, with some calling on ABC to respond. His CNN appearance is scheduled for around 6pm this afternoon.

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