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HomoConQuotable - Kevin DuJan

"Black voters are racist. Not only will they stick with Obama no matter what he does, but they will punish anyone they think harmed him in any way. Part of why HRC took the Secretary of State job was so she could appear to now be friendly with Obama…that, and so she did not have to be in the Senate when all Hell broke loose and Democrats started voting on crazy things.

"Notice: you don’t hear many, if any, blacks calling HRC a racist or using the 2008 campaign against her. She nullified all that…because she knows she will need blacks to support her 2016 bid. [snip] All those bitter, clinging, white working class people are gone and won’t magically come back by 2012. Not even for Hillary, which is why she is too smart to get into a 2012 race. Her eye is on 2016." - Kevin DuJan, founder of Free Republic's favorite homocon site, Hillbuzz.

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