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Majority Of Australians Support Marriage

A just-released poll shows that 57% of Australians now support legalizing same-sex marriage. Via the Sydney Morning Herald:
The poll of 1400 voters, taken from Thursday night to Saturday evening, finds two-thirds of Labor voters and 86 per cent of Greens voters support same-sex marriage, while 51 per cent of Coalition voters were against it and 42 per cent supported it. More than half of voters support gay marriage in every state, except Queensland where 47 per cent support it and 43 per cent are opposed. The findings are expected to intensify pressure on political leaders at least to allow a conscience vote on the issue. Both main parties oppose gay marriage and there is no sign of a change within the Coalition.
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said that her party will not debate the issue until their conference in December 2011.

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