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MISSISSIPPI: 12 Year-Old Girl Beaten By Students Over Her "Male" Name

A 12 year-old Mississippi middle school student was surrounded and beaten by a group of students who had been bullying her because her name is Randi. Which is a boy's name. And guess where the little creeps had been just before the attack?
After a Fellowship of Christian Students meeting, four girls and a boy surrounded her. "They started talking about me like I was a man, and like, stuff like that. That I shouldn't be in this world. And my name was a boy name," she said. Foster described how these people attacked her. "I was kicked in the rib. I was kicked in the leg. I was hit in the face. I was sat on top of and my face was jammed into the floor. I was thrown onto the cafeteria table. I was thrown in between the seats." Her mother, Meggan Foster, is appalled at the whole ordeal. "She was sitting in a chair. Her glasses were broken. She had been crying. She had a bloody tissue in her hand from her nose bleeding," Foster said. She said that a surveillance camera caught the whole thing, but that the principal could not give her a copy because it involves other students.
No charges have been filed against Randi's attackers.

UPDATE: The above news link has gone dead for unknown reasons. An updated video report on this story can still be viewed on Buzzfeed.

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