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Rep. Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected Leader Of House Democrats

But 43 Democrats voted against her.
Officials said that Ms. Pelosi defeated Representative Heath Shuler of North Carolina in an internal party vote, 150 to 43. Mr. Shuler acknowledged before the vote that he had no chance to win, but he wanted to give disgruntled Democrats a chance to register their opposition to Ms. Pelosi’s leadership just the same. Earlier on Wednesday, the House Democrats defeated a motion to delay the leadership election by a vote of 129 to 68. The 68 votes in favor of a delay showed the fractures in the caucus over Ms. Pelosi continuing as the party’s leader. Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon, one of those pushing for a delay, said he believed the vote sent a substantial message.
Rep. Steny Hoyer (MD) is expected to become House Minority Whip.

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