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Tony Perkins: We're Going To Block The Gay Rainbow Where The GOP Can't

"Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) will be heading up a legislature that was less affected by the GOP tide. Democrats still control the general assembly and Governor's office, prompting state Sen. Dave Luechtefeld (R) to say, 'I woke up the morning after, and I thought, 'the same people are running the place.'' And those same people want to redefine marriage. Just this week, Quinn said he's lobbying for a civil unions bill to be on his desk by the time he takes office. 'I think we can pass it this year,' he told reporters, hinting at an aggressive lame-duck push.

"On the East Coast, little Rhode Island, which has introduced a same-sex 'marriage' bill each of the last 13 years, is on track to legalize phony unions with Independent Lincoln Chafee at the helm. The Governor-elect, who had the backing of homosexual groups in the election, officially lost his endorsement last week for tweeting that he would sign civil unions into law but was 'in favor of it going on the ballot' for voters to decide. New York's new chief executive doesn't share his view. Andrew Cuomo (D) has made it clear from the beginning that he plans to be the Governor who signs same-sex marriage' into law. What a coincidence. We plan to be the first people in line to stop him." - Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, vowing to block the "gay rainbow" in states where the GOP did not prevail.

NOTE: It was actually defeated Rhode Island state treasurer Frank Caprio who made the above-referenced tweet, not Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee. Sorry, Tony.

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