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You Can Thank Iowa Sen. Mike Gronstal For Vowing To Protect Gay Marriage

Yesterday many of you expressed admiration for Iowa state Sen. Mike Gronstal's vow to thwart NOM's attempt to repeal same-sex marriage. You can now turn that gratitude into action because immediately after Gronstal's pledge, an Act Blue donation page sprang up. Activist Joe Mirabella writes us: "He alone can preserve my right to marry the love of my life, Joe Brokken. I was so moved by his statement today, that I have decided to ask my closest friends to help me thank him. Can you chip in $5 or $10 bucks today, to say thank you so that Joe and I can get married next summer? Pretty please?" You can bet that right this minute NOM is focusing their seemingly inexhaustible resources at bringing Gronstal down. Do what you can.

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