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Anti-Gay Wingnut Calls On All Remaining Iowa Supreme Court Judges To Resign

Bob Vander Platts, who led the successful effort to vote out three Iowa Supreme Court justices for endorsing marriage equality, wants the remaining four justices to resign. Iowa's ACLU chapter responds:
Calling for these resignations is premature. These four justices will eventually come up for retention votes. Until those elections take place, the justices should do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Calling for their resignations now demonstrates little more than a push for retribution. Urging resignations also is irresponsible. The current court has been gutted by nearly half, slowing important cases and disrupting the ability of this critical court to function. It’s also just plain unwarranted. These justices, no matter what one thinks of marriage equality, were simply doing their job–applying the Iowa Constitution to the best of their ability.

A local Iowa television station is polling viewers whether they agree with the call for the four justices to resign. You know what to do.

(Tipped by JMG reader Enzo)

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