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Erasure Re-Records A Little Respect With New York City LGBT Youth Chorus

As part of an anti-bullying campaign, Erasure has re-recorded their classic A Little Respect with the LGBT youth chorus from New York City's high school for at-risk gay youth.
A colourful new video for the track, shot in New York City and featuring Erasure lead singer Andy Bell, HMI youth and many other passers-by, will be released as well. The HMI Redux features a youth chorus from the Hetrick-Martin Institute who also appear in the music video, directed by filmmaker Jason Stein. The original version of A Little Respect, released in 1988, was on The Innocents, the first Erasure album to hit the UK #1 spot (first on 30th April 1988 and again in January 1989), a chart-topping position they revisited with each of their next four album releases.
The single is out today on iTunes and it's great! But I'm biased because it's my all-time favorite Erasure track. I'll post the video with the youth chorus as soon as I can get my hands on it.

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