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GLAAD Action Alert: Tell Apple To Stay Strong On The Manhattan Declaration

Two weeks ago, I asked to you to use the Family Research Council's own link to thank Apple for keeping the Manhattan Declaration app off the iPhone. (And thousands of you did.) Responding to yesterday's video from NOM, today GLAAD echoes that request.
The 'Manhattan Declaration' calls gay and lesbian couples "immoral," it calls the recognition of their relationships "false and destructive," and claims that allowing them to be married will lead to "genuine social harms." The original application also contained a quiz in which the "right" answers were those that oppose equality for gay and lesbian people. This application fuels a climate in which gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are put in harm's way. Apple did the right thing in recognizing that this application violates the company's guidelines. Join GLAAD in thanking Apple for their action to remove the app and urging them to stay strong in the face of anti-gay activism.
Sign GLAAD's petition to Apple.

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