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GOP Takes NY Senate, Marriage Equality Probably Dead For Forseeable Future

I haven't blogged much about the mess that has been the status of two disputed seats in the New York Senate, but as of yesterday it appears that the GOP has taken both seats and will hold a slim majority in the chamber, effectively dousing (according to some) any chance for marriage equality in New York state until the next election.
On Monday, Republican Bob Cohen conceded to Democratic Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, who'll represent the people of New York's 37th Senate District. But Republicans also gained a seat over the weekend after a State Supreme Court justice rejected a request by incumbent Senator Craig M. Johnson for a hand recount, resulting in the victory of Jack Martins. Johnson, however, has said he'll appeal the decision and has secured a Tuesday hearing. Democrats gained a 32-30 majority two years ago, but now Republicans will control the chamber – even if Johnson prevails.
The New York state Assembly approved marriage equality in 2007 and 2009. But the issue was defeated in the state Senate last December when eight traitorous Democrats voted against it. Several of those Democrats were replaced with pro-marriage Senators in the 2010 election, but with the new GOP majority even getting the issue to another vote is now doubtful. Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo has vowed to sign the bill if it ever reaches his desk.

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