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JMG Wins Village Voice 2010 Web Award For "Best Political Blog"

Last night I attended the Village Voice 2010 Web Awards where JMG was awarded Best Political Blog! I was asked not to blog about it until after the event and I don't even know who my competitors were, but whatevs! The downtown Manhattan awards show was a hipster mosh-pit and didn't feel very gay at all, but lots of folks approached me with congrats and outed themselves as JMG readers. Very interestingly, most of them were young female hotties. Who knew?

Among the other winners were the famed Gregory Brothers (of Auto-Tuned News fame) who won Best Viral Video for their stone 2010 classic Bed Intruder, which at this writing has 46 million views on YouTube. The Gregory boys were very fun and my loyal companion Dr. Jeff totally plotzed to pose for photos with them. I also finally met famed and openly gay Voice political columnist Steven Thrasher and Buzzfeed homo pop culture king Matt Stopera, who provides us with the detritus of gay weirdness like yesterday's John Waters/Justin Bieber photo.

Comedian Todd Barry hosted the evening with irreverence and disregard for the winners' pleasure at receiving a Village Voice plaque, a giant green foam "thumbs up," and a surprisingly heavy bag of healthy crap from event sponsor Whole Foods that I immediately re-gifted to Dr. Jeff. (The highlight of the winners' gift bag, for most, seemed to be a ginormous can of Four Loko from what was said to be the final case in all of New York City. Dr. Jeff took that too.) I'll add a slideshow to this post a bit later, right now I'm a little hammered from the open bar.

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