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LCR Responds To Rachel Maddow

The Log Cabin Republicans are stomping their homocon feet over Rachel Maddow's calling out of their support for the opponent of DADT-sponsor Rep. Patrick Murphy.
Log Cabin Republicans recognize the role that Representative Patrick Murphy took on in efforts to end the failed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, however it is a mistake to argue, as some have, that his loss had anything to do with his work for repeal. Such claims are, in fact, dangerous to the equality movement because they send the false message that support for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal is politically dangerous. The truth is Republicans won this year because of our positions on taxes, smaller government and Americans’ frustration with the out-of-touch Democratic leadership in Washington. No majority is ever permanent, and we knew the pendulum was going to swing hard in the GOP’s favor this year, which made it all the more important for Log Cabin to cultivate allies within a Republican Congress. When every other gay rights organization has wedded itself to the Democratic Party instead of working across party lines to build coalitions, pro-equality legislation is only hurt. Our efforts must be about securing support for passage of the legislation we agree upon.
LCR says that Murphy's replacement-to-be, Mike Fitzpatrick, has pledged to support the repeal of DADT too. That promise, of course, is useless, because the issue will never again be voted upon in the coming GOP-dominated House.

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