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ARGENTINA: Bear Club Attacked

Last week the Buenos Aires Bears Club filed a complaint with the federal government after their meeting space was set ablaze with members inside. Andres Duque reports at Blabbeando:
Club coordinator Gabriel Sánchez tells Tiempo Argentino that on the night of January 15th, as club members and their friends began to arrive to a monthly grill-and-meet event, twenty or so individuals living in a nearby hotel started harassing them and asking them for money. When members refused to give money, Sánchez says that some of the assailants began to shout "You getting together to fuck, fat faggots!" As the tone got aggressive, club members went inside the clubhouse and shut the door. Outside, assailants pulled a discarded mattress and some trash bags against the door and set them on fire. Club members were able to open the door and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. By then, Sánchez says, the police had arrived and kept guard preventing further violence.
Club members also report being attacked with rocks and bottles and having their cars vandalized, but they say that police have refused to make arrests. A federal official has promised to investigate both the attacks and the police response.

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