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BRITAIN: Christian Hoteliers Lose Right To Deny Rooms To Gay Couples

In what is being hailed as a landmark decision, a British judge has ruled that the Christian owners of a seaside bed and breakfast broke the law when they denied lodging to a gay couple.
Peter and Hazelmary Bull did not allow civil partners Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy to use a double room in their Cornwall B&B because it would be "an affront to their faith". However, a judge at Bristol County Court said the couple were breaking the law by denying the men a room. Mr Hall and Mr Preddy were each awarded £1,800 in damages. The couple said they were extremely happy with the outcome of the case. "When we booked this hotel we just wanted to do something that thousands of other couples do every weekend - take a relaxing weekend break away."
The hotel's owners say that even unmarried straight couples have been denied rooms in the past.

UPDATE: Porno Pete is hoping to align with the homocons in protesting the ruling.

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