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Charges Dropped In Dallas Bathhouse Raid

Last October eleven men were arrested at a Dallas bathhouse in a raid that police claim was spurred by an unidentified complaining citizen. Yesterday charges were dropped against seven of the men. The Dallas Voice reports:
Attorney Michael Lowe, who represents one of the defendants, told Instant Tea he expects charges to be dismissed against the remainder of the men in the next few days. Lowe said the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office is dismissing the charges because prosecutors don’t believe they can prove that the defendants are guilty. Seven of the defendants were charged with public lewdness, three were charged with indecent exposure and one was charged with interfering with police. DPD’s vice unit has said it conducted the raid, which made national news and was the first at a gay bathhouse in Dallas in recent memory, in response to a citizen complaint.
Police have yet to identify the supposed complainer.

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