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FLORIDA: GOP State Senator Introduces Bill To Allow Guns On College Campuses

Because we haven't had enough mass murders at our nation's universities, Florida GOP state Sen. Greg Evers has introduced a bill making it legal to carry firearms at college campuses.
Florida currently prohibits concealed weapons on all school campuses, one of 49 states that either bar them outright or leave the issue up to individual schools. The proposal comes in the wake of a mass shooting in Arizona and the accidental shooting death of a Florida State University student. The police chiefs of Florida's state universities, including UF Police Chief Linda Stump, have come out in unanimous opposition to the measure. "I don't think you're going to find anybody in higher education in law enforcement who is going to want guns on their campus," Stump said.
RELATED: Despite the screams of "responsible gun owners," across the nation the rate of deaths by handgun is directly tied to the percentage of people nearby who own guns. That may seem like a motherfucking obvious result, but try telling that to the gun nuts.

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