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MASSACHUSETTS: Former Judge Roy Moore Files DOMA Amicus Brief

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has filed a DOMA amicus brief with the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston. In 2003 Moore was booted from office for refusing to remove a two-ton monument to the Ten Commandments from his office. A member of the Christian Nationalist movement, which seeks to overturn democracy in favor of a Christian theocracy, Moore's brief (PDF) was filed by his Foundation For Moral Law. Christian Newswire quotes Moore about his brief:
"Marriage was defined by God at creation as between a man and a woman and no rhetoric or judicial gymnastics can alter that. Congress simply recognized that immutable, self-evident truth when it passed the Defense of Marriage Act. When judges start attacking traditional marriage and the laws of nature, one wonders whether they ever learned the difference between boys and girls. Activist judges have been rewriting the Constitution for decades and now are attempting to destroy one of the most foundational principles of our society."
Moore's brief joins those already filed by NOM and the Family Research Council.

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