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Mubarak: I Won't Step Down

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak just held a press conference to announce that he will not step down. But he will dissolve the government.
Specifically, Mubarak said that the current government will be forced to resign and he would appoint a new one on Saturday. He gave no indications he himself planned to step down, despite increasing calls for him to do so. The 82-year-old autocrat, who assumed power in Egypt 30 years ago, made the announcement following a day of widespread protests, violence and demonstrations.
CNN reports that Obama administration insiders are not confident that Mubarak will be able to hold power. Meanwhile Egyptian-Americans and ex-pats have begun to hold protest sympathy rallies around the United States, including outside of the White House, where hundreds are gathered at this writing.

UPDATE: Google's usage report shows that internet access in virtually non-existent for Egyptians at the moment.

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