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NEW YORK CITY: Bloomberg Taps Daniel Hernandez For Gun Control Campaign

Arizona shooting hero Daniel Hernandez hustled up from last night's State Of The Union address to join NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's controversial gun control campaign.
“It is my hope that President [Barack] Obama and Congress will work together right away to reform our gun background check system so that all records of dangerous people are in the system and all gun buyers will have to pass a thorough background check,” Hernandez said in a statement. While Congress is unlikely to act on any gun control legislation given the Republican majority in the House, Bloomberg has repeatedly argued for such measures in the wake of the shooting.
RELATED: In 2006 Bloomberg formed the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition, a group that once numbered over 500 members, but has since dwindled due to a letter writing campaign from the NRA. Bloomberg has raised the ire of out-of-state law enforcement agencies by sending undercover NYPD detectives to gun shows in the states funneling illegal guns to NYC.

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