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NOM Releases Partial 2009 Tax Return

NOM has released a partial version of their 2009 tax return. The HRC-sponsored site NOM Exposed reports:
Most of the $7.1 million in revenue in ’09 came from a few very large donors. These donors could be individuals or corporations. Here is how NOM’s top donations break down.

1. $2,475,000
2. $1,230,000
3. $1,100,000
4. $400,000
5. $150,000

Running the numbers, this means that 3 wealthy donors contributed 68% of their total donations; 4 donors gave 73% and 5 donors gave 75%. These figures reinforce what we and others (Fred Karger) have been saying: the National Organization for Marriage does not represent some sizeable (or even small) grassroots constituency. The only “constituency” they represent is that of a few anti-gay folks who have a lot of money. NOM’s reluctance to make their tax returns available publicly is par for the course in their pattern of secrecy and shadowy dealings.
NOM had rebuffed demands to see the return until representatives from HRC twice physically visited their DC office. Video of one of those visits can be seen here.

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