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NYC's Snow Removal "Slowdown" Was Totally Made Up By A GOP Councilman

I haven't blogged about it here, but most of you have surely read about NYC's Boxing Day Blizzard "scandal" in which the city's evil union overlords ordered a slowdown in snow removal in order to embarrass the mayor. The story made national news as yet another example of out-of-control wildly overpaid union workers. Slight problem. It never happened.

It turns out at that the single source of the story, Tea Party-backed NYC Councilman Daniel Halloran (R), has long-running disputes with city workers on a broad range of mostly bizarre issues, and now he's refusing to name the supposed sanitation workers who tipped him to the scheme. In fact, Halloran now allows that the "slowdown" might have been just a few lazy "bad apples" and not, in fact, a union plot. But you can bet that this revelation doesn't make all the wingnut blogs who've spent the last month screaming about how unions are destroying America.

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