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Pope Ratzi: Same-Sex Marriage Perverts The Meaning And Goals Of Families

Emperor Palpatine yesterday issued yet another attack on same-sex marriage, saying that the effort to legalize gay unions "perverts" the meaning of the word "family."
Addressing officials from the city of Rome and the Italian region of Lazio, Pope Benedict said that legislation and policies that promote same-sex unions end up “penalizing” heterosexual couples, “who, not without effort, seek to maintain stable emotional ties which are juridically guaranteed and publicly recognized.” “To this end,” he stressed, “the various components of society must agree on the objectives of education, in order for human love not to be reduced to an article of consumption, but to be seen and lived as a fundamental experience which gives existence meaning and a goal.”
Ill Papa made his comments in a traditional exchange of New Year messages with the mayor of Rome.

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