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Roberto Alomar Named To Baseball Hall Of Fame Despite HIV-Related Accusations

Superstar second baseman Roberto Alomar was elected to the Baseball Hall Of Fame today, surprising some observers who had predicted that the retired ballplayer's HIV-lawsuit peppered past would keep him from the sport's greatest honor. In October 2010, Alomar's estranged wife filed a lawsuit claiming he had unprotected sex with her even though he knows he is HIV-positive. In 2009 a former girlfriend sued Alomar on similar grounds, claiming that he told her he was raped by two Mexican men at the age of 17 after playing in a baseball game in a southwest U.S. state. The ex-girlfriend said that she stayed with him for almost three years after his 2006 positive HIV test, but that she no longer had unprotected sex with him after that. Alomar settled the girlfriend's $15M lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed amount. His wife's lawsuit is still pending. Neither woman has reported being infected and Alomar continues to avow that he is not HIV-positive. He retired from baseball in 2005, citing health issues.

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