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Tony Perkins Calls On Hawaiians To Rise Up Against Proposed Civil Unions Bill

"Hawaiians are dealing with the same onslaught of bad bills they have become accustomed to in the last several years. A proposal to legalize civil unions, much like the one two years ago, barely passed its first big test in the Senate Judiciary Committee after almost three hours of debate. Like the 2009 fight, this one could hinge on how involved voters and churches are in defeating the legislation. People on both sides of the debate say a pro-marriage rally that drew 10,000 people was the turning point two years ago. Hundreds more showed up at the committee meeting and stayed until 3 a.m. After weeks of church phone calls and emails, the bill's sponsor killed the legislation herself. Let's hope history repeats itself! If you live in the islands, it's time to start making waves on marriage!"- Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, referencing 2009 but conveniently failing to mention that a civil unions bill actually passed in both Hawaiian chambers last year.

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