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Tony Perkins Whines About DC Ruling

"It would be easy to spin yesterday's news about the Supreme Court as a victory for same-sex 'marriage.' (So easy, in fact, that homosexual activists are already doing it!) But there was a lot more behind this case than a simple 'yes' or 'no' on D.C.'s counterfeit marriage law. When the justices announced that they wouldn't hear Bishop Harry Jackson's appeal, it wasn't an affirmation of same-sex 'marriage' in our nation's capital. In fact, it wasn't a reflection on the merits of the case at all!

"The Supreme Court declined the suit because it's a local election issue. And even though this affects America 's capital, it has very limited federal implications. The only reason the Supremes had jurisdiction over this case is because D.C. operates under federal law. If this suit had originated in the states, the Court couldn't even consider it. With all the headlines out there, it's important to understand this. Tuesday's decision was not an endorsement of gay 'marriage' in this city or anywhere else. It was simply the court recognizing its own limitations. On matters affecting the District, Congress is the absolute authority. The justices are leaving it to them to clean up this mess, or not." - Family Research Council president Tony "Scare Quotes" Perkins.

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