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American Family Association Scrubs Bryan Fischer's Rant On Native Americans

On Tuesday, American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer announced that Native Americans were "morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil" because they had rejected attempts to convert them to Christianity. That may have finally been just a little too extreme for Fischer's bosses at the AFA. Right Wing Watch reports:
The Native American Rights Fund said Fischer’s comments are “not worth dignifying with a reply,” and AFA blogger Elijah Friedeman called Fischer’s views “repulsive.” It appears that the AFA is now expunging Fischer’s vicious article on Native Americans, along with Freideman’s denunciation - they have even removed his column from Renew America where it was also posted. Fischer’s original article has been removed from the AFA’s Focal Point blog (while leaving his radio commentary on YouTube); similarly, Friedeman’s reaction was taken down from the AFA’s website and is no longer listed on his blog either.

Still remaining is Fischer's column calling for Muslims to be banned from the military, his column describing gay activists as domestic terrorists, his column demanding an overturn of our democracy in favor of Biblical law, his column calling for the abolishing of high school, and his column recommending that homosexuals be rounded up and put in concentration camps. The American Family Association is perfectly OK with all of that.

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