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Brian Brown On GOProud

"NOM's position on GOProud and CPAC is being misstated by many in the media and particularly even the conservative media. We want to clear the record. We went to CPAC last year in good faith, knowing that GOProud was also attending. It was at CPAC we learned from repeated interviews they gave that GOProud leaders favor gay marriage. It's not who people are, it's the positions they take that concern us.

"Now Erick Erickson points out that some key GOProud leaders also used to work for Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, which may be of concern to many in the pro-life community as well. At NOM, we've repeatedly invited all people, including gay people, who support marriage as the union of husband and wife to join us in this great fight. There probably aren't a large number of gay folks who want to defend marriage, but they do exist and we welcome their participation at NOM, CPAC, or anywhere else." - NOM president Brian Brown, saying they don't mind gays at CPAC, as long as it's gay that think like them.

Brown is apparently unaware that GOProud is actually anti-choice and believes marriage should left to the voters of the states, both of which are NOM's positions.

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