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Christian Right Supports Mubarak

A quick glance at today's World Net Daily headlines tells you how the American Christian right feels about the situation in Egypt. Meanwhile wingnut "prophet" Cindy Jacobs has issued a prayer that Hosni Mubarak holds office. According to Jacobs, Mubarak has been done in by President Obama's "treachery and betrayal."
"Pray for wise and educated voices of authority to stand up and speak the truth, about this event and where it is headed. —Pray that the Lord would forgive America for the deceitful undermining of an ally nation, done by Obama. Keep in mind that Egypt currently has a peace treaty in effect with Israel. Pray that the Lord would protect American citizens from the terrible consequences that might come as a result of this treachery and betrayal perpetrated by the US leadership. America had been shown to be profoundly weak, unreliable, and compromised in these last two Obama years, but now more than ever. Pray that the Lord would protect the people of America in this nation’s high state of vulnerability."

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