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Christine O'Donnell: I'm Going After Soros

Christine "Not A Witch" O'Donnell has launched a fundraising drive so that she can investigate groups "funded with one million dollars or more from billionaire leftist George Soros."
"The Left keeps after me because they consider strong, Republican women a danger to their status quo," O'Donnell wrote. "Your donation also enables me to speak out in many venues from Coast to Coast, thereby helping support a nationwide effort. This is a way that will help me counter attack our opponents and bring the battle to them." ChristinePAC is based out of O'Donnell's Delaware home, raising concerns for ethics groups given that O'Donnell is already under investigation for alleged misuse of campaign funds. O'Donnell also claims that President Barack Obama and the White House regarded her "as their number one opponent."
Wanna bet she rakes in a fortune?

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