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Eugene Delgaudio: My Raid On CPAC

Our favorite loony tunes anti-gay activist, Eugene Delgaudio, writes today to brag about his "raid" on CPAC yesterday for allowing GOProud's presence.
More than once I had to rush in and rescue minors and other unsuspecting conservatives from these homosexuals who seek to worm their way into positions of trust and authority. They deceive the naive with talk of how big and important they are. They dangle a "career" in politics in front of their eyes and then comes the invite to the alcohol party. I had fliers printed to hand out warning the attendees at CPAC of the lurking danger. Several homosexuals who receive my emails acknowledged me "We got your email already." And I even handed a flyer to Grover Norquist, who is a backer of the homosexuals, a member of GOProud's board of directors, and has access to many elected officials and the mainstream media. He was not amused that I had the nerve to publicly denounce his shilling for the anti-family activists. What part do Radical Homosexuals have in the conservative movement or traditional values? None!
It's a pity he didn't make it to the big alcohol party with Miss Hissey!

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