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FLORIDA: Gov. Rick "Medicare Fraud" Scott Rejects Billions For High-Speed Rail

Keep his campaign promise, Florida Gov. Rick "Medicare Fraud" Scott has rejected $2.4B in federal stimulus money for a high-speed rail connection between Orlando and Tampa, a long dreamed of project for both cities' business leaders.
Scott's decision likely means those dollars will be rerouted to California and other states investing in a high-speed rail network that Obama has likened to the national highway system. Scott had previously said he didn't want the state spending any money on the rail line, which required $280 million in matching funds. But backers of the project have said that the consortiums of companies set to bid on the line had indicated a willingness to put up their own money in return for a contract. At his brief press conference, Scott went into little detail about how he made his decision, referring only generally to his conclusions about the current and future cost of the train. The state has spent about $66 million on engineering for the 84-mile system and was about to issue contracts for another $170 million.
The money now goes to another state, tens of millions are now wasted on work already done, and tens of thousands of construction jobs have evaporated for Florida. It's the Tea Party way, people!

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