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Gay Culture Watch: Glee Airs In Cuba

Dubbed or subtitled episodes of Glee routinely air in Latin America, but in what some say signals the continuing expansion of respect and rights in Cuba, a state-run television channel has now added the show. Over at Blabbeando, Andres Duque translates one local review:
What draws our attention is how the series treats the case of Kurt, an extremely effeminate gay, who showcases the most divine of extravagant fashions and even reaches the tone of a soprano when singing. With his 'bothersome' look (to those who are the most homophobic), he proudly confronts his way of being, and challenges the world with his amply demonstrated talents and virtues, even in the harsh game of football. His father, an apparently dumb mechanic, gives us a masterclass in sensitivity and humanity in defending his son against any discriminatory attempts based on his physical appearance, his mannerisms or his sexual orientation.

For all these lessons that reach the viewer in a fresh and entertaining way and which do so much good when exposed to society, let "Glee" be welcome on the Cuban screens. Although it's a shame that it has to be a foreign series - and from the United States to top it all off - that brings clear and powerful messages in regards to diversity. How much longer do we have to wait for these type of messages, but "made in Cuba?"
Whether you're a fan of the show or not, its unprecedented positive effect cannot be denied.

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