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Gays Caused The NZ Earthquake

From the website Christchurch Earthquake:
"To the hundreds of thousands of people who suffered because of the Christchurch earthquake: Ask yourselves: 'Was the profit from meals, accomodation and transport from 900 poofters and lesbians attending 'Gay Ski Week' worth the $4 billion damage, worth the homes destroyed? Was it worth going to sleep night after night not knowing if the roof will come down on you by morning?" Chris Carter and Helen Clark's government got what they wanted -- 12 year olds on the streets as prostitutes, overseas trips, expensive liquor and credit card junkets, lesbians running loose on the South Island as if they own the place. But, looking at your ruined homes, at all the historic buildings destroyed, ask yourselves, 'Did we get what we wanted in all this destruction?'"
What with Poe's Law and Christwire, it's no longer possible to tell if these people are serious.

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