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HATE GROUP ALERT: Family Research Council Launches DOMA Petition

The Family Research Council has just launched a DOMA petition, asking its millions of followers to demand that Congress do "what the president will not" and authorize intervention in DOMA litigation. The petition reads in part:
Now that President Obama has tossed aside federal law, it is up to Congress to intervene and defend DOMA. Congress will be under political pressure from the far Left to leave the issue alone, but with inaction, Congress will join the President in his dereliction of duty. On behalf of me and my family, please work with your colleagues in Congress to quickly intervene by supporting a resolution authorizing Congress to intervene in the ongoing litigation challenging DOMA.
RELATED: Earlier today two Christianist anti-gay legal groups, the Alliance Defense Fund and the Heritage Foundation, indicated their eagerness to intervene in DOMA-related court cases.

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