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Hawkins Rep: She Wants To Build Bridges

Matthew Rettenmund at Boy Culture is an avid fan of Sophie B. Hawkins so he wrote to her management asking about the singer's coming performance at GOProud's CPAC party. Hawkins' rep responded:
"She is not supporting their beliefs but trying to build a bridge so we can all talk and be humans over party. They invited her to play for free. She said she would, if they recognized she is an artist and is going as an artist not taking sides, but being open for them to enjoy her music as humans. This is very risky for Sophie, she knows it, but she is trying to say lets all reach out our hands and try to find understanding. She is so tired of the hate and I think thought love and music and art could build a bridge. I hope you remain a fan. She is really trying to do something good in the world and I am sure she will address this soon."
Rettenmund: "This is not me saying, 'Ew! Don't play for Republicans!' but me asking why, if she feels the need to build a bridge, she would decide to build the bridge to the furthest point away on the other side, to a group whose leader thinks gay activists are literally worse than terrorists, to a group that pays hate-spewing Ann Coulter (while Sophie plays for free)?"

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